Ava Girls leather Double zip boot - Bronze


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A boot that will match back to all your winter wardrobe.  A little bit of bling without being over the top and will blend with all  your winter

colours.  Made from a  soft leather upper, leather lining, arch support and double zip for easy and quick fitting.  

Fantastic for most widths.


Again this boot has the  RedBootie point of difference.

*Quality leather Upper

* leather lined

* arch support

* Firm Heel Counter


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Insole Length measures: (EUR) sz 28=18cm sz 29=19cm sz 30=19.5cm sz 31=20cm sz 32=20.5cm sz 33=21cm sz 34=21.5cm sz 35=22cm sz 36=22.5cm sz 37=23.5cm sz 38=24cm sz 39=24.5cm

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