Franky - Unisex Ankle Leather Boot - Tan


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A fantastic uinsex boot!!!!  This colour will match back with most of your winter wardrobe.  Has laces to adjust firmly around the foot making it supportive and also a zip for ease of putting on.  The upper on this style is made of  beautifulf leather, and comes leather lined with arch support. Fantastic boot for kids with skinny ankles.  Available up to a EU38 so young  kids with big feet,  this is  for you!!!

Again this boot has the  RedBootie point of difference.

*Quality leather Upper

* leather lined

* arch support

* Firm Heel Counter

* Real crepe outsole.


Great for all widths.

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Length of insole = sz30/19.5cm sz31/20cm sz32/20.5cm sz33/21cm sz 34/21.5cm sz35/22cm sz36/22.5cm sz37/23 sz38/23.5cm

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